Thursday, 17 November 2011

Is Test Cricket in the Race?

With overwhelming response to the latest found addition in Cricket, Test Cricket is slowly but gradually moving in a corner. This post is written to activate a debate on Test Cricket as a competitor to T20. With all the colour and flare involved in the shorter version of the game it is quite justified to put Test Cricket into a separate  frame altogether. Cricket came into being with the coming of Test Cricket.As being the sheet anchor of the game there lies a responsibility on the shoulders of every individual who has been the part of Cricket in one way or the other.  Test cricket needs our support and who can be the best critic than you.
T20's have obviously generated  better results in context of the game, profits and excitement but this does not guarantee that this format would not fade out as the clock ticks by. So being fair  to every format of the game is the route forward.
Kolkata would be in the midst of daily business activities but very few would have noticed the test match results which are out now!!. This has to be either the Death or the Birth of the game.

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