Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Do you hear me ? I am Cricket!!!

Hello everyone on this beautiful evening as i start writing my first blog, the nerves are starting to settle down just like the opener who is taking guard. Cricket lovers all around the world i would like welcome you and would appreciate your participation and comments on all the latest blogs being posted. Cricket as a game has gone through Well Deserved Ups and Downs, when i say Well Deserved it has to be the game itself and the policy makers who have kept the game alive and kicking. With the arrival of corruption cases the floor has lit up one again but sadly this time the lights are here to stay for some time. Given the current overcast conditions the fans of the game are the only hope for Cricket to move forward. ICC needs to assure that the future of cricket is bright and they cannot afford any more hiccups as further events would act like a nail in the coffin. As the dawn breaks we are ready for the a new competition, new players taking guard and new bowlers shining the ball. Every Cricket match is the game of optimism, with major test playing nations fighting it out this winter it is surely warming up for a season to be remembered. From Australia's Shocker to Srilanka's revive i can guarantee  Cricket would be the winner all this winter. Stay tuned for more, Happy reading :)

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